Fire Piston Fire Starter - Anodized Black - Campers / Survival / Preppers

Fire Piston Fire Starter - Anodized Black - Campers / Survival / Preppers

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Finished in a durable yet attractive black anodized coating.  We oversaw the manufacturing of these items and our intention was to improve upon the existing designs currently available on the market and to fix the problems we encountered during their use.

This fire piston features large knobs on both the cylinder and the piston so you can stabilize it on surfaces when driving the piston and because of this, you can actually ignite char cloth in this piston right in your hands with ease.  Other fire Pistons have simple rounded edges which are extremely uncomfortable to use and very difficult to keep stable.  These issues have been resolved with this model - it is comfortable to use, aesthetic, light weight and highly effective.

This Item Includes:

1 Deluxe Fire Piston

1 Spare set of O-rings

(Char cloth is not included)


Piston Length: 4.5 inches

Cylinder Length: 4.5 inches

Number of O-rings: 2

Material: High strength 7075 Aluminum (far better than 6061)

Instructions for use:

Please note that Char cloth is to be used with this and all other fire Pistons.  This can be made very easily and inexpensively or purchased very economically from several sources.  

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