Threading Alignment Tools (TATs or Die Starters) - 7075 Aluminum

Threading Alignment Tools (TATs or Die Starters) - 7075 Aluminum


For sale is a simple threading alignment tool (TAT), otherwise referred to as a die starter.  The purpose of this tool is to squarely guide the die onto the barrel of the gun, eliminating the chance of crooked threading so you can attach muzzle brakes, flash hiders and other barrel mounted attachments requiring this pitch thread with ease.  These TATs are approximately 1.5" long, the threaded portion is selectable in drop downs, the bore side is 1" long and is slightly under the selected size (as it is not uncommon to see bores that vary in size).  

Please feel free to ask any questions, we're always happy to help! 





Frequently asked questions:

Q: The TAT seems loose inside the barrel, why? 

A: They are turned just to undersized to accommodate mild variations in bore size, you can take a gun cleaning patch, put it on the end of the TAT, reinsert it into the barrel and that should solve the problem nicely. 


Q: I should put the TAT into the barrel, then run the die down it and directly onto the barrel, correct?

A: No, actually - you should always thread the TAT into the start side of the die first so there is a gap between the first cutting threads and the TAT, otherwise you may strip the TAT if you don't catch the barrel with the first turn. (Remember, the purpose of this tool is ONLY to align the die at a perfect 90 degrees to the barrel)


Q: My die doesn't thread down the TAT easily, what is going on?

A: Put simply, not all dies are exactly the same (this TAT was designed for the adjustable gunsmithing dies we carry), but this isn't a problem in most cases though - use a shop rag or something soft and with light clamping pressure, secure the TAT in your shop vise and carefully run your die down it - this should eliminate the majority of issues.  

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